Basic Emergency Care

Course Description

Basic Emergency Care is a non accredited 4 hour basic first aid course that can be tailored to suit the requirements of the participants, from students in the classroom to employees across all workplaces and industry types. Basic Emergency Care aims to develop a person’s first aid skills and knowledge enabling them to effectively assess an emergency situation, apply basic first aid emergency care and the life saving skills of resuscitation. 

Course Content

  • Basic Emergency Care and non accredited CPR
  • Casualty assessment on a live patient
  • Perform a basic emergency care management assessment
  • Apply the DRSABCD principals of resuscitation - danger, response, airways, breathing and compression.  Defibrillation is discussed but not demonstrated in this course
  • The recovery position
  • Recognition and treatment of fractures and dislocations, bites and stings, asthma, choking and cramps
  • Treatment of burns (especially sunburn) wounds, infection, shock, bleeding and eye injuries
  • Treatment of needle stick injuries
  • Medical conditions - medical alert

Realising that each business or industry type require specific and tailored first aid awareness training, SLSWA can  design a four hour course to the specific needs of participants and workplace.  This tailored course will include all of the above, plus the application of advanced first aid principles when managing injuries in the workplace. 

Methods of Delivery and Course Duration

Full Course:

  • 4 hours of face to face training

Course Information

Minimum Age Requirement: 11 years
Pre-requisite: Nil

On successfully completing the training, participants will obtain an Surf Life Saving WA Certificate of Participation in Basic Emergency Care certificate.

Course Fee

Full Course:

$69.00 per person (GST inclusive)  
Price includes professional instruction, all course materials and certification.

Call Surf Life Saving WA today on 9207 6666 to book the basic emergency care course! Surf Life Saving WA also offers a CPR course and a Basic First Aid Course.

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