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Awards of Excellence Over 18All Ages$110.00Awards of Excellence Under 18All Ages$85.00Bunbury Community SRC Full (Adventure Outdoor Grp)All Ages$196.00City of Wanneroo BeachSAFE DayAll Ages$0.00Community Surf Rescue Certificate - FullAges: 13+$160.00Community Surf Rescue Certificate - RefresherAges: 13+$90.00Home LifesaversAll Ages$38.00Lifeguard SLSWA Provide First Aid RefresherAges: 13+$116.00Peel Region Teachers CSRC (Glenn Born)All Ages$90.00Provide Advanced ResuscitationAges: 13+$145.00Provide Basic Emergency Life Support Ages: 13+$116.00Provide Cardiopulmonary ResuscitationAges: 13+$72.00Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Refresher Ages: 13+$56.00Provide First Aid (1 day course)Ages: 13+$185.00Provide First Aid Refresher Ages: 13+$116.00Re-issue Accredited CertificateAll Ages$20.00Re-issue Member Medallion and Certificate All Ages$20.00RST RPL All Ages$40.00SLSWA Adventure World DayAll Ages$40.00SLSWA Members Provide Advanced Resuscitation Ages: 14+$145.00SLSWA Members Provide First AidAges: 14+$185.00~ Alkimos Have-a-go Nippers Program ~Ages: 7+$0.00~ Holiday Nippers Level 1 - Surf Aware ~Ages: 7+$100.00~ Holiday Nippers Level 2 - Surf Safe ~Ages: 7+$100.00~ Holiday Nippers Level 3 - Surf Smart ~Ages: 7+$100.00~ Surf Babies Albany 3-5 yrs ~Ages: 3+$100.00~ Surf Babies Level 1 - Starfish 2 yrs ~Ages: 2+$100.00~ Surf Babies Level 2 - Octopus 3 yrs ~Ages: 3+$100.00~ Surf Babies Level 3 - Seahorse 4 yrs ~Ages: 4+$100.00~ Surf Kids Level 1 - Dolphin 5 yrs ~Ages: 5+$100.00~ Surf Kids Level 2 - Crab 6-7 yrs ~Ages: 6+$100.00
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